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We’ve loved every minute of our journey


I am Jacqueline Linarez.  I am from the Philippines

 I have a double major in ​psychology and Marketing,  i arrived to Los Angels Ca, in 2005. Where I got a job as a caregiver.

with no experience at the time, but with the drive to learn, and be able​ to give the best of me to all my Patients. Working with seniors taught me the value of Care, Respons​i bilities  and Respect .

In 2010: I open PINK ANGELS HOME ​CAREGIVERS,  and  I am   Grateful to be able  to use my skills and kn​owledge, to satisfy

 all of my clients needs .


Are mission is to attend all of our clients with respect and dignity.

and give their families a peace of mind. Trust is where all begins .

Are vision is to keep finding angels with the same purpose,

and work together as a team, and that includes family member's   


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